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  1. Quick view Exide 84Ah dry battery

    Exide 84Ah dry battery

    Regular Price: Rs12,500

    Special Price Rs11,800

    Out of stock

    A new range of factory activated sealed maintenance free batteries to use in motorcycle, jet-ski and other recreational style vehicles. Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology designed to meet all the challenges of power sport applications. Vibration resistant features. Durable & tough construction Learn More
  2. Quick view LED panel Light

    LED panel Light


    CREE LED panel Light

    With LumenMax 3014 LEDs, from Taiwan, LumenMax 42/48/54W 600*600mm LED Panel Lights are super nice as the replacements to conventional grid panel light with fluorescent tubes fixture.

    1. Save 55%-70% on the electricity bill and maintenance cost;
    2. Long life to 40,000hours;
    3. No delay to light on;
    4. No UV or IR radiation, NO mercury;
    5. 6063 Aluminum alloy housing and Optical PMMA cover;
    Learn More
  3. Quick view WiFi Range Extender N300

    WiFi Range Extender N300

    Regular Price: Rs3,000

    Special Price Rs2,500

    Out of stock

    WN3000RP Universal WiFi Range Extender boosts your existing WiFi network to places out of reach of your existing WiFi. Plug it into an electrical outlet and give your WiFi a boost. External antennas give you’re the extra boost to put your over the top.

    Stuck In The Middle? Not Anymore.
    Is there a void space between your WiFi router and your devices? Drop the Range Extender in the middle and strengthen your connection.
    802.11n, 1-Port, Wall-plug, External Antennas
    Turn Dead Zones Into Connected Corners
    Move around with your mobile devices and keep them connected by giving your existing WiFi a boost. This small, easy-to-install wall-plug WiFi range extender also creates new WiFi connectivity for up to 1 wired device like a Smart TV, Blu-ray player or game console.
    Model: WN3000RP

    Learn More
  4. Quick view 490 Ah 2v cell Coslight

    490 Ah 2v cell Coslight


    Out of stock

    - Gelled electrolyte.
    - Fast charge.
    - Nominal voltage per element: 2 V. Nominal capacity: from  200 to 3000 Ah.
    - Service life: no less than 15 year. Range of operating temperature: from  -40°С to +50°С.

    Learn More
  5. Quick view 300AH 2v Cell by shoto

    300AH 2v Cell by shoto


    The "Shoto" brand GFMJ series VRLA batteries are products of the latest technologies. The products are in line with the YD/T799-2002 standard of the Ministry of Information Industry of China, the DIN 40742 and the IEC 60896-21/22

    Valve-regulated Lead Acid Batteries GFMJ series are widely utilized as standby power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, mobile station,Solar power, UPS,  railway and vessels etc., for the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and for the backup power supply of UPS and emergency illumination. Their designed life for standby usage is 15 years

    Learn More
  6. Quick view  225 watt Sharp panel ND-R225(A2)

    225 watt Sharp panel ND-R225(A2)


    • ●High-performance photovoltaic modules made of polycrystalline (156.5 mm)² silicon solar cells with module efficiencies of 13.7%.
    • ●3 busbar technology for enhancing the power output.
    • ●Production controlled positive power tolerance from 0 to +5 %. Only modules will be delivered that have the specified power or more for high energy yield.
    • ●Delivery of modules in 5-watt intervals. Improved temperature coefficient to reduce power losses at higher temperatures.
    • ●High power performance even at lower irradiations.
    Learn More
  7. Quick view 245 watt Sharp panel ND-R245A5

    245 watt Sharp panel ND-R245A5


    Out of stock

    High-performance photovoltaic modules made of polycrystalline (156.5 mm)² silicon solar cells with module efficiencies of 14.9%. Learn More
  8. Quick view 200AH Dry battery shoto

    200AH Dry battery shoto


    6-GFM series products is a high-capacity battery of new model. With easy usage and maintenance, it is intended for service in telecom system, UPS, and solar energy system, etal. The designed float charge life could arrive 10 years above.

    Learn More
  9. Quick view Suntech 300Watt PV Module

    Suntech 300Watt PV Module

    • 72 cell Polycrystalline 
    • High module conversion effciency
    • Positive tolerance
    • Suntech current sorting process
    • Extended wind and snow load tests
    • Excellent weak light performance
    • Withstanding harsh environment
    Learn More
  10. Quick view ET- Solar  Malaysia 250watt

    ET- Solar Malaysia 250watt

    Regular Price: Rs20,000

    Special Price Rs18,750

    As low as: Rs18,000

    • Low iron tempered safety glass, self-cleaning & anti-reflective layer with higher light absorption and minimal surface dust
    • Industry leading performance at low irradiation environment by Photon test
    • 0 to +5W positive tolerance for mainstream products
    • EL screening to eliminate product defects
    • Cell encapsulation EVA Gel Content and Peel Strength Test
    • Anti-PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) for customizable solar module
    Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 43 total

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