300AH 2v Cell by shoto

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GFM Series VRLA Battery

Reliable solution for UPS and SOLAR ENERGY

SHOTO GFM series VRLA battery is the latest product developed by Shuangdeng through latest modern technologies. Its performance parameters have reached domestic leading level and it enjoys good reputation in China. This product can be broadly utilized as backup power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, China Mobile, China Unicom, railway and vessels etc., as the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and as the backup power supply of UPS and emergency illumination.

Main Applications

Back-up power for communication and signal system

Back-up power for electric power system & nuclear power station

Solar and wind power generation energy storage system

Back-up power for military & navigation

Back-up power for UPS & emergency lighting


15 years designed life

Adopt the TLS patent technology with reliable sealing

Unique design for monomer structure, complete range of models with wide choice

Mature product technology and stable operation

Technical Features

The plate is with the structure of big grid and block, and is made of special alloy through special process of quadric basic lead sulfate, which improves specific energy of the battery and prolongs the cycle service life

Positive grid is made of special multi alloy, which overcomes the shortcomings of early capacity loss. It has long service life under both float charge and cycle utilization

Add special additives to the positive and negative plates, improve the utilization of active material and charging acceptability

High-purity electrolyte and special additives

Unique assembled maze seal structure of terminal (patented technology) ensures the safety and reliability of seal

More Information
Additional InformationTYPICAL PROPERTIES
Product codeGFM300
Also known AsCM-GFM300 (Crown Micro)
Country of ManufactureChina
ManufacturerShoto China
Product TypeAGM
Normal Voltage2V
Design Service Life15 Year
Cycle Life1700 @ 50% DOD (25C)
Internal ResistanceApprox. 0.60mΩ@ 25 (77 ℃℉)
Self-DischargeNo more than 3 % after 30 days storage
Operating Temperature RangeDischarge: -40℃~50℃(-40℉~122℉) Charge: -20℃~45℃(-4℉~113℉) Storage: -20℃~40℃(4℉~104℉)
Recommended Operating Temperature15℃~25℃(59℉~77℉)
Maximum Charging Current30A
Maximum Discharge Current1860A (5sec)
Charging VoltageFloat: 2.23 V, , Cycle: 2.35 V
Contain MaterialsABS
Capacity Affected by Temperature105 % @ 40℃ 85 % @ 0℃ 60 % @ -20℃
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